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10 Interesting facts about Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is a major aviation hub not only in the UAE but also in the whole world. It’s not a secret that the city of Dubai is obsessed with luxe and wealth. So, its main entry point might not be an exception. Discover 10 interesting facts about Dubai Airport that you’ve never thought about before.

1. Dubai International airport is the fastest-growing aviation hub in the world

It even beats the world record holder Malaysia with more than 200,000 new seats each year. In 2017, more than 87 million passengers traveled through Dubai airport.

It provides modern infrastructure and services and manages connections between 260 destinations worldwide. It’s a transit zone for more than 100 airlines. Its terminals are equipped with modern facilities and the best lounges.

Dubai airport
Dubai airport

2. DXB is the main hub for Emirates, Qantas, and FlyDubai airlines

Emirates is considered as one of the best passenger airlines in the world. This is why its main hub should have the same level of service and facilities. Terminal 3 is entirely dedicated to these airlines for more comfort of their prestigious passengers.

The Emirates business class lounge is an entire world of entertainment. Besides countless information desks, there are airport staff members with “May I help you” T-shirts.

3. The DXB Duty-free store is the biggest in the world

Dubai is a worldwide shopping capital. Its airport is not deviating from this rule. The numerous Duty-free stores are situated in Terminals. This is a real empire of world-class shopping experience. So, it will certainly keep you busy while waiting for your connecting flight.

Duty Free in Dubai's airport
Duty Free in Dubai's airport

4. The airport has its own five-star hotel inside its building

If you are exhausted from your long flight, it’s time to get some rest in the Dubai International hotel. Luxury amenities are guaranteeв. It is situated in Terminal 1 and offers a swimming pool, restaurants, and a conference hall.

The structure also provides tiny rooms in its Snooze Cube hotel. It’s located in Terminal 1. For a small amount of money (16 dollars) you can have free wifi, shower and a few hours of sleep. And don’t worry to miss out your connecting flight. The staff will wake you up if needed.

Dubai airport inside
Dubai airport inside

5. The airport has its own Zen Gardens

Gardens is located in Terminal 3 and it is a heaven to escape from the heavy noise of this busy airport. Get some rest and just relax in a natural environment before your connection flight. This is one of the most interesting facts about Dubai Airport you should not skip.

6. The Dubai Airport is quite big to welcome the A380 aircrafts

The Concourse A of Terminal 3 is dedicated to the giant Airbus A380 aircraft. It opened in 2013 for this purpose. Imagine how big an airport might be to ensure the simultaneous boarding of more than 800 passengers.

The aircraft capacity forces to provide the best airport services to the clients. The airport uses underground trains and tunnels to connect the Concourse A to the other parts of the building.

7. The airport provides various entertainment facilities

In standard airports, you would only find facilities to ensure your smooth flight. But Dubai Airport is an out-of-standard experience. There is an outdoor swimming pool, gym, natural gardens, cinemas, restaurants, and many other entertainment spots.

Dubai airport
Dubai airport

8. The Dubai Airport wifi is the fastest in the world

DXB took the comfort of its passengers to the next level. It has unlimited access to wifi. In addition, the wifi is the fastest wifi in comparison to other airports. You need to find “DXB Free WIFI” or “DWC Free WIFI” networks to get connected.

Otherwise, in a heavy air traffic period, access to the wifi can be limited. We recommend buying 30 AED (8 dollars) unlimited daily pass if you are here for an overnight.

9. DXB currently employs more than 90,000 people

Currently, the city ensures its development by tourism revenues. The main airport of Dubai employs more than 90,000 people. It’s the busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic. This is also one of the busiest airports for cargo flights.

The city of Dubai believes it will become the largest airport in the world. By 2020, it will have a capacity of 160 million passengers and 12 million tonnes of cargo per year. This is certainly one of the most interesting facts about Dubai airport.

Emirates airline
Emirates airline

10. There are smart gates in DXB

Handling passenger traffic is one of the difficult tasks of any airport. Sometimes, it can become a huge problem due to delays, cancellations or heavy air traffic. Dubai could handle this problem like a boss.

The residents of the United Arab Emirates can pass through smart gates with their Emirates ID. In this way, they will skip queues without sacrificing valuable time. Don’t forget that time is money.

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