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What is the weather in Dubai in November?

Every city like Dubai, located on the Persian Gulf coast in the United Arab Emirates, has on average high air temperatures all year round. From November to March it is the best time to travel to Dubai and visit the UAE because of the nice weather and comfortable temperatures. In addition, humidity is quite low at this time comparing to the summer months.

Average temperature and weather in November

November is one of the best monthes to visit Dubai. In November, temperatures vary between 18°C and 31°C. The average temperature is 25°C. It is a warm climate for a winter month. Rainfall and humidity are quite low. During this sunny month, the average temperature of the water is 28.6°C. Yes, the water of the Persian Gulf sea is very hot. The temperature of the sea varies between 26.5°C and 30.7°C. We recommend you to enjoy the sun at Jumeirah Beach and to discover one of the best hotels in the middle east: the Atlantis The Palm hotel.

November is one of the best monthes to visit Dubai.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have really warm weather and special climate because they are situated close to the Tropic of Cancer and the Northern desert belt.

In November temperature can drop but it stays however quite hot. The highest recorded temperature was 41°C and the coolest was 11.8°C. You don’t have to worry about the rainfall. In November it rains the equivalent of 2 mm.

If you want to travel to the UAE in December, be prepared for some rain. However, it is in February that the precipitation rate is higher. Sometimes Dubai and the UAE experienced extreme weather condition like heavy precipitation, crazy wind, and even floods. It was the case in November 2013, but it is still rare.

The northwesterly wind, also called Shamal, is more often observed in summer. It can cause sandstorms and reduce visibility in the city of Dubai.

Dubai skyscrapers
Dubai skyscrapers

Sunshine hours in November

November 29th is the shortest day of the month with 10:41 hours of daylight. You will enjoy the most of the daylight on the 1st of November with 11:11 hours of light.

However, you can enjoy sunbathing on the beach even in November. In average, November is full of sunny days. November is the beginning of the peak tourist season, so you will find all the activities that Dubai can provide at this period of the year.

There are nice places to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset at Dubai like the desert or the Burj Khalifa Tower. In November, the sun rises in Dubai at about 6:15 and goes down at 6:45 am.

Dubai Dhow Cruise with dinner tour is a very fun activity to do in Dubai Marina in November. The cruise lasts 2 hours. You can enjoy the sunset on the water and try a delicious dinner, accompanied by live music performance in the evening.

Sunset in Dubai
Sunset in Dubai

How to dress in November in Dubai?

Winter and spring are the ideal seasons for visiting Dubai. Indeed, from November to April, you can do a lot of activities, such as walking, swimming, water sports, sightseeing, and others.

We recommend you to bring summer clothes for day time, but also some jackets for the evening. Because of the cooler evening, you should also pack a jacket, cardigan, trousers, and jeans. At night temperatures can drop significantly up to 18°C/10°C.

Whatever the time of the year you visit Dubai, there are some rules you should respect. In fact, the United Arab Emirates is a pretty conservative country and it is recommended to dress modestly and respectfully in public places even on sunny days.

Whatever the time of the year you visit Dubai, there are some rules you should respect.

You should bring in your suitcase skirts that reach the knee and top with shoulder coverage. You will see the women living in Dubai wearing head scarves, long skirt, long trousers, and long sleeves. However, feel free to add designer handbags and shoes because it is a common way to style a simple outfit in Dubai.

On the other hand, these rules don’t concern you when you are in your resort or hotel. You can wear your bathing suits, sleeveless summer clothing and short as long as you are staying in your resort. If you want to get outside of your resort or hotel, it is better to follow the advices mentioned above.

Another recommendation is not to smoke or drink alcohol in a public place because it is not allowed.

People in Dubai
People in Dubai

Air-conditioned areas in November

Because of high temperatures, there are air-conditioned areas everywhere in Dubai all year round. You can find climatized area everywhere like in the subway, taxis, shops, bus stop and all other buildings. It feels good and cool when you enter inside but be careful when you go out because of the temperature difference.

Dubai desert in November

During November the temperature in the Dubai Desert can be slightly lower than in the city, especially in the night. We recommend you to wear loose clothes to be comfortable in the sand and also to bring something warmer for the evening.

You will certainly have to walk on the sand and it will be more appropriate to wear open shoes like sandals or thongs. November is one of the best months to go discover the Arabian Desert. We recommend you to do safari and sandboarding in the afternoon and to eat typical Arabian dishes in the evening in the desert.

Dubai desert
Dubai desert

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