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Dubai Dhow Cruise

Everything you need to know about the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise: when to go there, what you will eat during the dinner onboard and see during the entertainment show, prices on tours and many other useful information.

  1. What is Dubai Dhow Cruise?
  2. Why to go on Dubai Dhow Cruise?
  3. When to go on Dubai Dhow Cruise?
  4. What the dinner consists of?
  5. What will be the entertainment during the Dhow Cruise?
  6. How much costs a Dhow Cruise?
  7. What is a dress code for a Dhow Dinner Cruise?
  8. What else to do in Deira?
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Dubai Creek Cruise


Dubai Dhow Cruise is a tour on a wooden boat along the Dubai Creek. The ship is called “Dhow”, what is a name for traditional wooden boats, used for centuries in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. These lightweight ships are made from teak wood, which grows in India, and built according to ancient technologies.

The duration of the Dhow tour is two hours. During this time you will get a great cruise experience on the real Arab wooden boat. You will see evening Dubai from the water, as well as enjoy the international buffet dinner and watch an entertainment program. This is a journey along the Dubai Creek, which is a natural marine creek, extending from the Persian Gulf into the depth of the emirate of Dubai.

dhow evening cruise ship in dubai
Dhow Cruise ship



A Dhow Cruise is one of the best ways to discover Dubai and enjoy its main attractions in the evening light. A traditional Arabian-style ship will bring you along Deira and Bur Dubai areas. During the tour will pass by such iconic places as Gold and Spice Souks, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building, Grand Mosque, Sheraton Dubai Creek, the Old Boat Fort, and Rolex Twin Towers. This is the best way to enjoy a city tour from the comfort of your table and explore modern Dubai from the water.

Delicious dinner

During the Dhow Dinner Cruise, you can enjoy a delicious buffet dinner under the night sky of Dubai. A traditional wooden vessel is a real five-star floating restaurant. It provides a first class service and a 3-course international buffet dinner with 5-star standards and excellent food. There are European and Arabian dishes, vegetarian cuisine and also foods suitable for children.


A wonderful performance in the best Arabic traditions will entertain you within 2 hours of the Dhow Cruise tour. Enjoy multiple forms of entertainment such as the traditional dance, a magic show, and others. At the same time, the guide of the evening will highlight the sights that you pass by on your boat. Indeed, this is a great experience to try in Dubai.

tanura dance on dhow cruise in dubai
Entertainment show: tanoura dance


Traditional Dhow vessel is air-conditioned and provides comfortable temperature all over the year. The upper deck is open and offers you the best views of night Dubai. Tables are located right next to the side of the ship so that you can enjoy the coolness of the water and a light sea breeze. However, in summer it may be a bit too hot to stay outdoors, so you need to choose a terrace on the middle deck for the better experience.

Thus, the best period for a cruising tour will be from November to April. If you want to experience the dhow cruise in the hot season, just choose the middle deck and a table near the huge panoramic windows.

Сruises start daily at 9 pm and last two hours. At this time in Dubai, there is usually comfortable weather with a temperature of 25-26 degrees.

dhow cruise ship in Dubai Creek
Evening cruise in Dubai Creek


International Buffet Dinner

During the cruise, a staff of the floating restaurant will offer you a delicious dinner in the form of a buffet. All food is prepared according to the highest international quality standards by Carlton Palace Hotel. The buffet offers a wide array of items from Asian, European and Arabic cuisines. A rather extensive assortment of the dinner includes ten salads, twelve main course and seven desserts which will suit the most sophisticated gourmets.

This is an international buffet dinner, but there is a significant influence of Arabic cuisine on it. It makes food more authentic and unique. For example, you will be offered to add lemon juice to your plate instead of sauce as you are used to. Try also a mushroom cream soup from local Chief, eat some Tabouli instead of the rice and dress your salad with a yogurt, as locals do. Indeed, you will live a wonderful food experience during this cruise.

dhow cruise dinner
International buffet dinner

If the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise dinner is vegetarian-friendly?

Among the numerous options to choose, there are some items that vegetarians and vegans will enjoy to try during the dinner. For example, traditional Arabic hummus, plenty of fresh vegetables, onions, delicious olives, and other food. There are also veggie-friendly dishes at the hot buffet too. We recommend you to try a Chef’s Pasta with mushrooms and creamy sauce, wok vegetables, baked potatoes with aromatic herbs as well as various and delicious garnishes.

What to drink during the Dhow cruising tour?

Before the dinner, all guests are served with a welcome drink - a traditional Arabic coffee at the beginning of the cruise. Then, during the whole voyage, you may have unlimited soft drinks, such as juices, coca cola, schweppes, and water. You may also order a tea or coffee if you want.

Alcoholic beverages are not included in the dinner, but you are welcome to order them for an additional price. The price for a glass of wine will be 45 AED (10 EUR).

dhow evening cruise and dinner in Dubai Creek
Dhow Cruise dinner


Which food is served during the Dhow Cruise?

  • Welcome drink
  • Traditional Arabic Coffee – Served with Dates
  • Cold Buffet
  • Cajun Roasted Prawns Coleslaw With Fresh Mint and Coriander
  • Greek Salad
  • Salad Nicoise
  • Chicken Tikka Salad
  • Hummus
  • Jarjier
  • Fattoush
  • Moutabal
  • Tabouli
  • Seasonal mixed green leaves from the garden, tomato, cucumber, carrot, celery
  • Pesto-Yogurt dressing, blue cheese-ranch, Caesar dressing
  • Raspberry vinaigrette, Herbs vinaigrette, extra virgin Olive Oil
  • Assorted Olives, Assorted Arabic Pickles, Bacon Bites, Olive Oil and thyme roasted Croutons
  • Bread Rolls, Arabic Bread and Butter
  • Hot Buffet
  • Mushroom cream soup
  • Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Glaze
  • Shish Tawouk / Lamb Kofta
  • Hammour with Bell Pepper and Tomato Coulis
  • Chef’s Pasta (Mushroom, Peas, Tomato and Cream)
  • Braised Lamb with Garlic and Lemon Gremolata
  • Wok Tossed Vegetables
  • Fish Amritsari
  • BatataHarra / Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Makhani
  • Traditional Beef Lasagna
  • Steamed Rice
  • Desserts
  • Whole Fruit Basket
  • Fruit Salad
  • Assorted Mini French Pastries
  • Apple Delight
  • Black Forest Cake
  • Um Ali (Hot)
  • Mini Mouses
  • Panna Cotta
  • Assorted Arabic Sweets
  • Unlimited soft drinks


The show during the Dhow cruising tour is one of the best traditional performances that you can see in Dubai. While you are enjoying your food from the international buffet dinner, an amazing show will be performed. The program includes the most authentic Arab traditions and charismatic artists. In addition, the show provides interactivity with the audience. You can try on a giant glowing skirt of Tanura dancer and participate in the ceremony of Al Yowla dance.

Traditional Arabic Dance

Al Yowla is a UAE traditional dance, which is performed by men dressed in typical Arabian costumes. It involves simple movements with a rifle dummy made entirely of wood and metal plating. In the end, the artists propose to those who want to dance on stage with them.

dhow evening cruise arabic dance al yowla
Al Yowla

Tanoura dance

Tanoura is an Egyptian folkloric dance, which is very common in Islamic countries. This unusual dance has mystical roots. Its goal is to expand the consciousness, to enter a trance-like state to get closer to God. This is amazing, that after a long twirling around performer stops instantly and shows no signs of dizziness.

“Tanoura” in English means skirt, as this element of wardrobe is the most important part of the performance. Why - you will see during the bright and colorful Tanoura show on Dhow Cruise. By the way, here you will also have a unique opportunity to try on the role of the Arabic dancer.

Tanoura dance

Live singer

Оne of the key points of the program is a vocal performance. Enjoy the best songs from various time periods and in different languages. A live singer with a background music create rally charming and wonderful atmosphere and with background music, creating a charming and unique atmosphere.


During this fascinating voyage, you can also try another element of Arabic culture. An optional henna painting will be proposed onboard for an additional price. A professional artist will create amazing drawings on your hand right during the cruise.

Henna is a plant used to create a special type of body art - mehndi.

This art of painting the skin has been very common in the east for many centuries. Historically, this phenomenon came from India. Today it is just a beautiful decoration and a fashionable element of Arabic culture. Experience it before or after your buffet dinner onboard. It takes about 15 minutes to apply henna on the skin, then wait 1 hour until the pigment is absorbed. In general, such a pattern lasts from three days to 1 week. The important thing about henna is that it is absolutely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The cost of such work on average is 50 AED (12 EUR).

dhow evening cruise henna painting
Henna painting


Tickets & Prices

The price of a Dhow Cruise depends on the season and varies from 200 AED to 250 AED for different tours. When we tested this activity for you in November (one of the most popular months to visit Dubai), the price was 235 AED (56 EUR).

Here are the most popular dhow cruises in Dubai:

This price includes:

  • Cruise that lasts at least two hours
  • Dinner in the form of an international buffet
  • Soft drinks
  • Entertainment

The price doesn’t include:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Henna painting
  • Photos taken by a professional photographer
  • Pick-up and drop off (unless option booked)
dhow evening cruise in dubai creek
Dubai Creek Dhow cruise


For Dhow Cruise tours it is recommended to wear elegant clothes to match the festive atmosphere that prevails there. There are no strict rules, but smart-casual dress code is recommended. Men should not wear shorts, sandals and sportswear/shoes. Сocktail and half-evening dresses will be the perfect choice for ladies. By the way, when you get on board, professional photographer will suggest you take a photo, that you can then take with you just after the tour.


Historically Deira was a trade part of the city. Nowadays this area is not commercial center of Dubai anymore. However, Deira is famous for its unique atmosphere, small port and, of course, Arabic markets.

If you are coming to Deira from the southern part of Dubai, Bur Dubai, you can hop on one of the small wooden boats called “abra”. This journey will cost you around 1 AED (0,25$) and take around 10 minutes. Riding along the Dubai Creek you can imagine what Dubai looked like hundred years ago, when merchant ships rode here with might and main.

Today, there is still a spirit of trade in Deira, as the most famous souks of the Dubai are situated here. You can visit them during the day, just before your cruising tour.

boat in deira dubai
Boat in Deira

Gold Souk

Gold Souk is the largest and most visited souk in Dubai. If you plan to buy jewelry, or just want to experience the atmosphere of the real Arabic market, you should definitely visit this marketplace. There are so many jewels here that, if you put them all together, you’ll get around 10 tons of gold.

Indeed, here you can find jewelry for every taste and budget. Do not hesitate to bargain with the sellers, as the final price may be significantly lower than the one indicated on the price tag. Also, before buying items you like, make a tour around and take a look at the nearest shops. Often the same product is sold in different stores, and the price may vary.

gold souk in Dubai
Gold Souk in Dubai

By the way, another reason to visit Gold Souk is to see the biggest gold ring in the world. It’s called Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba) and it costs around 3$ million. The behemoth weighs 64 kilograms, and is decorated with more than 5 kg of diamonds and other precious stones. 55 workers were creating this ring during 45 days.

Today you can find the ring at Kanz Jewels L.L.C. boutique, situated in the center of Deira Gold Souq, Sheikh Zayed Road, 4th Interchange.

gold souk goods in dubai
Gold Souk

Gold Souk is located near Al Ras metro station, it is opened every day from 10am to 10pm. On Fridays opening hours may vary, as this is a national holidays in UAE. It is perfectly situated to visit before your cruising tour. There are also guided tours organized to Golden Souk.

Spice Souk

This is a traditional market in Deira where you can buy different kinds of spices, cinnamon, lemon, saffron, rose, chili, powders, herb, incense, nuts, dried fruits and so on. In addition, various tea, oils, perfumes, textiles and shisha are sold here. In Spice Souk you can also buy souvenirs at a cheaper price than in other areas of Dubai.

As in every Arabic market, don’t hesitate to bargain and do not buy things right away in the first shop you find. Most likely, the sellers will treat you with sweets and offer to try the products of their shop. You are free either refuse or accept the offer. Even if you try the candies that were presented to you, it does not commit you to make a purchase.

Remember that souks are situated outdoors and air conditioners only work in stores. Even in winter it can be hot there, so don’t forget take a bottle of water with you.

dubai spice souk in deira
Spice Souk


Desert Safari

Discover the wonderful world of the desert, traveling to Rub-al-Khali, the hottest desert in the world. Rub-al-Khali is translated as “empty quarter”. This desert stretches 1000 kilometres long and 500 kilometres wide. Its area is 50,000 km2 and some dunes are 250 meters high! For a long time, this dessert was considered the most impassable and difficult to live. For several hundred years caravans carried precious incense, spices and fabrics from South Asia through this desert.

The highlight of the Desert Safari tour is a dune bashing. This is an extreme car driving on high sand dunes. This trip includes also a camel ride, delicious dinner, entertainment show, henna painting, traditional shisha smoking and pickup to/from the hotel.

dubai desert safari
Dubai Desert safari

Burj Khalifa Visit

Burj Khalifa is the highest structure in the world, a skyscraper with a height of 828 meters situated in Dubai Downtown. Before 2010 the tower was called “Burj Dubai” (Burj from Arabian means “tower”).

An outdoor observation deck, named At the Top, has opened on 5 January 2010 on the 124th floor. Later, on October 2015 Burj Khalifa opened 148th floor SKY level at 555 m, which today remains the highest viewing platform after the Shanghai Tower’s observation deck. To the both viewing platforms small-group tours are organized every 15 min.

Opening hours of At The Top are: between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm and between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm. For sure, the best time to visit the Burj Khalifa is around 4pm. In such a way you can firstly have an amazing view of Dubai and can take photos in daylight. Than, after waiting for a little, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from the highest building in the world.

dubai burj khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Speedboat tour

Speedboat tour is a thrilling sea journey in the Persian Gulf on Rigid Inflatable Passenger boats (RIB). This is a special type of lightweight but very high-performance boat. Due to its characteristics, it is one of the safest boats for a water city tour and it can reach a really high speed.

While driving you will enjoy wonderful sea views and get incredible emotions from high-speed drive. You will also see the main sights of Dubai from the deck of your boat, make beautiful photos and get unforgettable memories.

This adventure starts from Marina Dubai. In general, best time to travel to Dubai is between November and April. At this time, there is the most comfortable temperature and humidity level in the city. Tours are organized daily all year round. You can choose the start time from 10 am, the last boat leaves at 5 pm.

dubai speedboat tour
Dubai speedboat tour

Dubai is the city where everything is made for tourists. Whether you travel there for one day or are planning to stay for a long time, you will find a lot of interesting things to do. Check out all the best experiences in Dubai and create your amazing travel memories.

Please, book your tour in advance to be sure there are some places available.

Views of Dubai Creek

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