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Among the numerous attractions of Dubai, water parks are one of the most visited ones. And this is not surprising. In Dubai, it is sunny all year round, so that water is the best way to refresh yourself, have fun and spend a wonderful day with your family or friends. Extreme sports fans will find breathtaking attractions and ride the world’s biggest slide there. If you prefer to chill and relax, there are nice beaches, pools and even artificial rivers in the waterpark. Aquaventure is the biggest water park in Dubai. It is located in the Atlantis The Palm resort and known for its one of the most extreme slides in the world.

  1. What is Aquaventure waterpark?
  2. What are the best slides in Aquaventure waterpark?
  3. When to go to Dubai Aquaventure waterpark?
  4. What to bring to Dubai waterpark?
  5. How much does it costs the Dubai Aquaventure waterpark?
  6. What are other waterparks in Dubai?
Aquaventure waterpark


About the park

Aquaventure water park is a huge entertainment water complex situated in Atlantis The Palm resort. This resort is the first hotel built on the Palm Jumeirah island and one of the most iconic sights of the city.

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island in the form of a palm tree, which is located on the shores of Dubai. It is an island from the unique man-made islands group called Palm Islands, which increase the coastline of Dubai in a total of 520 km. Palm Jumeirah total area is over 800 football fields and it is connected to the mainland by a 300-meter bridge.

Atlantis the Palm consists of two buildings of the hotel and a bridge connecting them, a spa area and Atlantis private beach. Atlantis is a really unique hotel. You can find their Underwater Suits which stretch over three floors, have an aquarium instead of a wall and their own elevators. Also, numerous restaurants as well as aquarium Lost Chambers, the Dolphin Bay and the Aquaventure water park are situated in Atlantis the Palm.

Atlantis the Palm
Atlantis the Palm

The waterpark itself consists of two main towers (Poseidon and Neptune). Between them flows a famous lazy river called “The Current”. Numerous water rides, the longest slides in the world, a beautiful beach, the best entertainment for children - all that you will find in Aquaventure waterpark to spend a great day.


The Leap of Faith

This is a 9 story slide that will definitely make you feel scared. However, as soon as the ride is finished, you want to climb up again and repeat this adventure.

The leap of faith water slide
The Leap of Faith water slide

In fact, you spend several seconds literally in the free fall, moving down in almost vertical tube. After this spectacular fall you find yourself in a glass tube surrounded by sharks and cownose rays.

The Leap of Faith

Shark Attack

This attraction is an underwater transparent tunnel. You move through this pipe surrounded by a giant aquarium. It is full of various sea creatures, colorful fish, stingrays and beautiful corals. But the most important feature of the aquarium is numerous sharks, who are swimming around you. Thus, a trip through the tunnel turns into a real marine safari.

Shark Attack

Posseidon’s revenge

You will go into the capsule and hold your breath. After some time the floor beneath you will open, and you will fly into the abyss to meet Poseidon's revenge! Flying in one of the highest water slides in the world at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour is not a test for the faint of heart. However, you will definitely get a lot of pleasure and have some fun there.

Posseidon's Revenge


Indeed, if you come to the aquapark with your family or friends, zoomerango is the best attraction to try together. Tremendous speed and complete lack of gravity will make you live one of the best experiences. Hop into the big inflatable circle with your friends and enjoy the impressions. You can also shoot your adventure in a photo or video, for example, with a GoPro. However, remember that it is forbidden to take sticks with you, but you can hold the camera in your hands.


Lazy river

Indeed, this can not be called a real attraction, but lazy river “The Current” is one of the best places in the Aquaventure water park. A long river with its current will carry you around the park. You just have to hop in the rubber ring and enjoy the coolness and beautiful views around. This is the best way to take a break, relax and gain strength for the next incredible adventure on one of the numerous water slides.

dubai waterpark lazy river
The Lazy River


Dubai is a city that is famous for its high temperatures and arid climate. In those conditions, visiting the water park will be the best way to spend your day. Pools with cool water, lounges in the shade of palm trees and refreshing drinks in dreamy cafes will make your day wonderful.

So, when is the best time to visit the water park in Dubai?

The park is open 365 days a year. Opening hours are from 10 am until sunset, depending on the time of the year. We recommend visiting Aquaventure water park from October to April, as it may be too hot in summer. However, if you go to the park in the months from May to September, it could be a great experience too. Do not forget to bring hats with you, try not to stay in the sun too much and drink more water. In general wintertime is the best time to visit Dubai and experience its main attractions, such as a speedboat tour, a Burj Khalifa visit, a Dhow Cruise, Dubai Safari and others.

dubai waterpark view
Aquaventure waterpark


Aquaventure waterpark is a huge water complex, where you first will ride a wonderful roller coaster, sunbathe, relax and have fun. Of course, after such an active rest you get hungry. In this case, you can always have a snack at one of the cafes or buy a fruit sorbet at an ice cream shop which are located throughout the territory.

So, what do you need to take with you to the water park?

  • A swimsuit or a swimming trunks.
  • Swimming glasses for diving if needed.
  • Ladies, do not forget to take a hair tie, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to ride some slides.
  • A towel. You can also take a towel in the water park, after paying it at the ticket window. It will cost you 45 AED.
  • A sunscreen. Do not forget to put regularly some protective cream on your skin.
dubai waterpark for kids
Waterpark attraction for kids


Dubai waterpark prices

Tickets to the Aquaventure water park you can by on the spot as well as on the website in advance. We recommend to get tickets online, because:

  • It is cheaper, so you will save your budget.
  • To be sure that there are still tickets available.

The price of a Full Day Pass starts from 233 AED (56 euros), if you buy them online. This price includes a visit to the water park for the whole day: from opening until closing.

Full Day Pass + Lost Chambers access will cost you at least 277 AED (68 EUR).

By the way, another option to save money is getting a package offer.


Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is a water park situated near the famous Burj Al Arab hotel. It occupies an area of 49.000 m² and looks like a fabulous oasis in the desert. Wild Wadi is built in the traditional medieval Arabic style. There are 28 water slides from 12 to 128 meters long, 23 swimming pools, an artificial waterfall with a height of 18 meters.

Legoland Water Park

Legoland is a part of the chain of entertainment theme parks for kids. Аlmost everything in this park is built of lego. Legoland is open year-round and it is a perfect place to spend a day with for families with children from 2-12.

dubai waterpark legoland
Legoland waterpark


Laguna is another waterpark in Dubai, situated in the heart of Dubai, near the Jumeira Public Beach. There are many water slides in the park, restaurants and cafes, as well as a private beach. It is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

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